On top of his birthday cake, I decided to make my boyfriend some birthday cup cakes! They turned out very well considering I’ve never made cup cakes before.  I figured they couldn’t be too hard, the same as cake just smaller, hence the name “cup cakes”, hehe.  Anyway, here they are!


photo (2)

photo (1)

Don’t they just look scrumptious?  They are chocolate cup cakes with a chocolate buttercream topping.  I used coloured fondant to make the starts and the swirly decorations, and also used fondant for the birthday candle in the birthday boy’s cupcake.  I used the same cake batter that I did for my other two chocolate cakes, which can be found here, and for the chocolate buttercream I used the same recipe I used for my chocolate fudge brownies, which can be found here.  I did add a few more tablespoons on cream in the icing to make it a little thinner.


I used an ice cream scoop to place the batter into the cup cake holders.  I found the first batch came out a little bigger than I had wanted.  The holders should be filled 1/2 way to 2/3 up, but my ice cream scoop was a little on the large side to they came out a little on the large side.  The second batch I made came out smaller, as I didn’t fill my scoop up all the way.


While the cakes were baking I created the fondant designs.  The stars were made by dying white fondant to blue and yellow, and then using some fondant cut outs from Wilton to shape them.  I used lollipop sticks to create the swirly decorations; using small strips of fondant i wrapped them around the sticks, and slowly pulled them off once they were dried.  This worked relatively well.  A few strips that I made were a little on the thicker side, so I they didn’t dry as quickly and therefore stuck to the sticks.  The thinner ones came off without a hitch so made sure you roll out your fondant into a relatively thin strip before wrapping it around a stick or straw.


The cupcakes turned out well aside from a few that were slightly caved in (I assume because of their larger size).  The smaller ones I made turned out perfectly.  Because of the extra moist batter, I cooked them for 2 minutes longer than the recommended minimum time and that seemed to keep them from being too gooey.


The last thing I did was create the fondant candle.  I molded the orange fondant into a small tube like shape, and then the yellow fondant in the shape of a flame.  I attached them using a toothpick.




2 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES

  1. Kelsey, you have become quite the baker.I love your blog and I am sure mom would be proud, I love to read your step by step and I will be baking one of your recipes,,, you go my Chicky-poo


    • Thanks Aunty! I am developing a crazy obsession with baking! And cupcakes…stay tuned for more fun recipes. I think by the end of January I’ll be a cupcake queen.


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