Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! Ken and I went up to his camp on New Year’s Eve and spent a few days relaxing and enjoying our time off.  I start my new job on Monday and am totally stoked! 009


Cupcakes, Cupcakes, CUPCAKES!  So for the past few weeks I have been obsessing about cupcakes.  Seriously, a few glasses of wine and a Cupcake Wars marathon and I am one cup of icing sugar away from developing a serious case of cupcake brain! I have already started planning out my valentines day cupcakes, and am looking for any excuse to make some! (For real, if you live in my area and have an upcoming event I am so in on making some of my cupcakes for you! )  My Birthday Cupcakes were a total success and a major hit for everyone who tried one, but since I missed out on making Christmas cupcakes, I thought I would make some terribly appropriate Winter Cupcakes!! I love Winter, mostly because of Christmas, but in general, I just love snow, love winter wear, and love love love the first major snowfall of the year.  So, I thought I would make a cupcake celebrating snowflakes!  So the first thing I tried to think about was, what colours remind me of winter? And not Christmas, WINTER.  I decided on white and blue.  So my Winter Cupcakes are a white cake based cupcake, with a two tone buttercream frosting, a fondant snowflake, and clear glitter to top it off!

photo (3)



I decided to make a white cake batter (I know, I’m diverting from chocolate it’s craziness!)


1 package of white cake mix

3 eggs

8 oz sour cream

1 tsp vanilla extract

I love making big cupcakes, so this wasn’t quite enough batter to make 2 dozen cupcakes.  Next time I may add an extra egg and some oil, kind of like my chocolate cake mix, in order to make a few more.




I also added some blue batter bits to a few of the cupcakes to add some colour!





For the icing I used a basic buuttercream frosting recipe.  I made two batches, using clear vanilla extract for the first to create a whiter buttercream, and the second I added some blue gel based colouring to dye the frosting blue.




I wanted to create a two toned frosting effect with the blue and white buttercream icing I made.  Of course, the novice baker in me is completely oblivious to how to accomplish this.  Thanks google! You can find a very informative video here.  Using a disposable piping bag and a 1M tip from Wilton, I added the blue and white icing to the bag.  Add the blue to the piping bag first, squish it so the buttercream is top to bottom in the bag, and then reopen it and add the white.  It may take a few swirls for both tones to appear.  I practiced a few swirls so I could find the two tone.  Note to self: get bigger piping bags.




Frosting the cupcakes was a lot less intimidating than I thought it would be! I only messed up a few but I was able to fix them with more icing…there is no such thing as too much icing!  A few cupcakes turned out more blue than others.  I kept having to refill the piping bags so it got messy, and a little hard to refill the blue, then the white, but overall the colours were consistent.



photo (9)

photo (8)

photo (7)



Roll out your white fondant and use snowflake cookie or fondant cutters to make the snowflakes – easy as pie. Wait until they harden before placing them on the cupcakes.  If they’re too soft they may bend or break!

photo (11)

photo (10)


The last step was to add the clear glitter and the fondant snowflakes.  The glitter should have been added to freshly frosted cupcakes, but I waited a little too long and the frosting hardened a little too much.  The glitter still stuck but not as well as I would have hoped.

photo (4)

photo (5)

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