066Hello all! So for my cake this week I decided to make a NASCAR Cake! It was so much fun.  I covered it in black fondant.  Created a yellow ball border, and made a cute little fondant car, flags, and the NASCAR logo! It turned out really well.  The cake was for my boyfriend’s dad, a huge NASCAR fan, and he loved it!  The cake was chocolate (of course) and tasted fabulous!  

First I made the little fondant car.  I did this by rolling out black fondant 1/4 inch thick, and cutting out small circles.  I used a dowel rod to make tiny circle imprints in the center of the black circle cutouts.  The car base was made by manipulating a medium circle of fondant into a car-like shape.  I glued on the tires using gum glue adhesive, and then made the tiny helmet and glues that on as well.  I then made the car “wing” by using my ribbon cutter.  I attached it to the car using a toothpick.




I am getting better at icing a cake! I coloured the icing grey (I wanted dark – I meant to make it black but I learned I probably should have coloured chocolate instead of regular vanilla buttercream, but oh well, maybe next time).



Then, I made the flag.  This took the longest, as it meant working with very thin fondant and doing alot of measuring.


Any then, the ball border.  Love this.  I used the medium circle fondant cutter from Wilton, cut the fondant circle in half, and then rolled it into a ball.  I made a little over 50 balls to cover the 8 inch cake.



I started the logo, by cutting a 1.5 inch strip of multiple colours of fondant with my ribbon cutter.  The fondant was rolled out to less than 1/16th of an inch thick.



I added the letters, making them by using a silicone mold.




And there you have it!  A NASCAR cake!  Next week I’ll be making a 50th birthday cake for my best friend’s parent’s combined birthday party! It’s going to be 2-tiered….eek. I’m excited to try this!! Wish me luck.  It involves dowel rods…and…stuff…I’m sure it will be fine…I hope hehe.

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