Bachelorette Cake: Fifty Shades of Grey

photo 3 (3)So it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted…sorry! The weather has been fabulous, and now that my boyfriend is done school we have had plenty of time to spend together so I haven’t been making baking a priority.  However, I did get a request from a friend to create a cake for her friend’s Bachelorette Party….and who was I to say no?  I mean, after all, what’s better than celebrating your last night on the town than a well designed, slightly dirty cake? What’s better is that the theme of the party was Fifty Shades of Grey. For those of you who don’t know what that is, a: get out from your rock and read a book, and b: seriously… read it.  So I based this cake off of the racy trilogy, and incorporated the pictures that are on the cover of each book: A mask, a tie, and handcuffs.  Fun stuff.  Now, I did get one must-do specification, which was to create a penis…out of cake. For those of you who would prefer a PG-13 blog post…I suggest you stop reading……kidding, it’s a cake people! I’m essentially just providing everyone with an anatomy lesson.  So, I created a penis cake.  I covered it in flesh coloured fondant, and popped it on top of a much larger, 10 inch square cake, where I proceeded to wrap the fondant tie around it.  You get the picture…but just in case you don’t, I of course took a ridiculous amount of photos, just so that my avid readers would not miss a beat!

The first step was to create the cakes…so I went and bought myself a penis cake pan at my local adult novelty store, added some chocolate batter (as per the bride-t0-be’s request) and popped it in the over for about 30 minutes.  Just an FYI I filled the pan about 3/4 full.  I also baked a two-layered chocolate 10 inch cake that I covered in buttercream, and then a dark grey fondant.  I added a black ball border.

photo 1photo 2

I made the balls out of Rice Krispies.  I thought they formed more realistic looking balls, rather than those the cake pan created.  I then covered the penis creating in buttercream and set it overnight in the fridge to crust over.  I covered it in flesh coloured fondant (which wasn’t as difficult as you might think….I found a wonderful tutorial on how to cover cakes that are of any shape, and you can find that here.)

photo 3photo 4 (1)

After I covered each cake, I placed the penis on top of the grey square cake and added the tie.  The tie was quite simple.  Using a pizza cutter, I cut out a tie-like shape.  Then, I cut out a long strip for the top of the tie, and then a large square that I folded to make look like the knot.  I used the pizza cutter to create the lines in the tie so that it was more textured.  I placed it around both cakes, and draped it around the penis.

photo 5 (1)photo 1 (4)

I then created the mask.  I printed out a masquerade mask template, and after I rolled out a small amount of gumpaste, I traced the template with a pizza cutter.  I lifted the “nose piece” slightly, and let it dry like that so it looked more like an actual mask rather than a 2D shape.  I added silver pearl dust to the entire surface of the white mask, and then added the black design with black piping gel. photo 4 (2)

Moving on to the handcuff….so I was completely dumbfounded on how to successfully make gum paste/fondant handcuffs… You know, handcuffs that don’t look like a 5 year old cut them out of construction paper during arts and crafts. So I had this brilliant idea.  I took my own handcuffs…that….I have for no particular reason…. and pressed them into the light grey fondant and gum paste mix.  I traced the impression with a pizza cutter, and then created the tiny rings holding them together by rolling out small amounts of the gum paste and looping it into the rings.  And the last thing I added was the cake script, “Last Night Before the Tie Down”. Clever! Wish I thought of it.  My piping is obviously still a little shaky. I’ll be honest I haven’t practiced at all. I’m holding off on the buttercream classes until the fall I think.

photo 1 (3)photo 5 (2)

I had alot of fun making this cake…obviously hehe.  The only thing I truly feel I missed with this cake, is that I didn’t reinforce the bottom layer with dowels, so there was a little bloating towards the back of the cake because of the weight of the penis cake.  Once you take into account the cake, Rice Krispies and marshmallows, buttercream, and fondant, that cake was pretty heavy.  But you could barely notice unless you were looking for it.  So upcoming cakes?  I have an Angry Birds cake in May and a Ninja Turtles Cake in June (super pumped).  As of now, unless I have any more cake opportunities in the next few weeks, I’m thinking I’m might dip back in to the cupcake world.  I miss them…a lot. I’ve also come across alot of really neat tutorials that I cannot wait to share and try, so I will be posting details about those (and possibly trying some!).  I hope you all enjoyed my Fifty Shades cake…I sure enjoyed making it.  Happy Baking!

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