Baby Converse Shoes Cake

148Hello friends!! So I was able to create a fabulous cake this week, and I am super excited to share.  First off, I want to say how wonderful the blogging community is.  I have found some pretty amazing tutorials for cake and cupcake decorating, along with fun facts, tips, and anything else you can think of! And this week was no exception, when I found an absolutely amazing tutorial.  Baby converse shoes…made of fondant…how perfect and adorable is that?? You can find the link to the website here.  So anywho, I had no idea how to create tiny little fondant shoes, and one day I just stumbled upon this fantastic blog and there it was, full step by step instruction on how to make these awesome tiny shoes.  I made this for a co-worker, who’s friend is having a baby.  The sex of the baby is unknown so I made the cake half for a girl and half for a boy.  The cake is a three layer, 8 inch cake, chocolate (of course) with vanilla in the middle.  Half the cake was polka dotted with light and dark pink polka dots, and the other side with light and dark blue polka dots.  I topped the cake with a pair of converse shoes, one blue and orange, and the other pink and yellow.  I made a Detroit Tigers logo in dark blue fondant for the blue converse show, and added a flower to the side of the pink shoe.  The border of the cake was meant to look like fabric strips, complete with stitching and green buttons.  Cute right? I totally stole the idea from the converse show guru Deborah Hwang from Deborah Hwang cakes, but it doesn’t make it any less cool.  I used a quilting wheel to add the stitching like pattern on the shoes and cake border.  And for the shoes?  Literally, I cut out a template that I found on the website, added some details and then glued it all together with a small paintbrush and some water.  Pretty simple.  Actually It took me almost 40 minutes a shoe. So..not quite that simple, but it was super fun and I enjoyed it.  I also covered the the cake board with fondant, and then added a fun stars and moons patterns with an embossing mat.  Of course I love making baby cakes so I had so much fun making this.  i have another cake this weekend….Angry Birds….pretty exciting.






I’m also sad to say that I will not be getting air conditioning this summer, meaning that I will likely not be baking and decorating many cakes this summer.  I have a few more in the month of june, and perhaps August for my hunny’s mom’s birthday…and okay his aunt’s too.  But other than that no major cake orders! Yes I’m sad…but I can’t imagine baking cakes and sitting in my sweaty apartment attempting to decorate a cake with fondant…I can just feel my irritation levels rising! I will, however, be starting up cupcakes again…yes, they do require baking…but not as much…only about 24 minutes to be exact.. I think I can manage.  So that’s the plan for this summer. I am getting quite good at my cake covering! My fondant is almost flawless. I’m pretty proud of that. Woohoo! Well, I hope you enjoyed this week’s cake, and I strongly encourage you to check out the website I have linked above for the converse shoes tutorial, they are a great addition to any baby shower cake! And, I’m sure you can find many other uses!  So try it out, Happy Baking!!

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