Cedar Plank Lake Trout

Cedar plank lake trout…or salmon….orrrrr even rainbow trout…any kind of fish really.  But we’ll get to that in a second. Let me just tell you that it’s fantastic and you will not be disappointed.  The recipe involves only a few simple ingredients, and minimal cook time. What’s not to love?  So my summer so far – it has been fantastic.  I’ve pretty well spend every moment possible at my hunny’s family camp – it’s a little slice of heaven and it is my favourite place on earth.  It’s like my home away from home and it’s kind of been my escape lately.  We get there every chance we get….every weekend pretty much… Sorry to all my besties for being MIA…I shall return once the fall comes…maybe!

Another great place and another one of my faves is a little restaurant/bar called the Laughing Buddah…it’s got great food, great beer, and it’s something I had to share.  The patio is like a secret haven. Ken and I love going there for a few drinks and a bite to eat every now and then.  We just love it! And what’s great about it is that the food is relatively inexpensive, so more money can be spent on their fantastic beer menu!  They have also recently added some beer choice from our newly established local brewery, Stack Brewing. I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet but plan on it soon.
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ken and kels

Another great part about having a camp to go to every weekend (aside from the fact that I get to spend every waking moment with my partner in crime) is that my boyfriend’s dad has a plane…and we can go everywhere and anywhere we want to go… including lakes that have minimal traffic…or no traffic… which makes for a great dinner.  I caught three of our four late trout on Saturday morning… my first time actually catching fish worth keeping.  I know, I’m a Northern Ontario Canada girl so this should come naturally to me.  Unfortunately I grew up as a bit of a city slicker…a Southerner if you will.  Always a Northerner at heart but I still jump when I see a spider and cringe when I have to use an outhouse.  Luckily Kenny’s camp has an indoor toilet, and running water…in the summer anyway. Winter is a different story.  And believe me I don’t mind it, that place in December to March is like a Winter Wonderland…absolutely beautiful.  Anyway.  Ken’s dad took me for a plane ride on Saturday morning…and he really wanted to bring me to this great fishing spot he’d been bragging about since last summer.  We took off at 8:30am and we back by noon with four well sized lake trout.



Okay back to the recipe.  And I promise I will post about some sweet (and maybe not so healthy) bakes later this week.  I have a poll running on Facebook this week – like and vote for your preference by Tuesday!! So this cedar plank recipe consists of only a few ingredients: a cedar plank (we cut ours from cedar trees!), mayonnaise, chives, Montreal Steak Spice, dill, sliced limes or lemon (or both), and a barbecue of course! We also served this with a side of potato wedges, drizzled with olive oil and seasoning salt, a pinch of garlic, and then tossed in the oven until crisp.  So, first, place the fish on the cedar plank, skin side down.  Heat the barbecue to medium high, so that the cedar will smoke….but not burn. That’s key…you don’t want to start a fire.  Slather the fish with mayonnaise, not miracle whip, and then season with the chives (we used dehydrated), dill and Montreal Steak Spice.  Top with the fresh sliced lemons or limes and then place in the barbecue.


Cook until the fish is flaking and the mayonnaise begins to brown.  Serve with you favourite salad or potato dish.  It’s so fantastic.  Please try it.  I don’t mean to brag……..but the fact that this fish was fresh….like caught the morning of…was fantastic.  It really made a difference in the taste. Yummy.



So there you have it – a fun summer barbecue recipe that takes no time! Of course…the biggest prep time was filleting the fish. But i had a very small part in that. And by small part I mean I watched… sort of.  But I caught the fish, which is why we got to have them for dinner!  SO thanks to Ken’s amazing dad I was able to feed our family Saturday night!  Pretty exciting, I’m pretty blessed he shared his fishing spot with me! Anyway, looks like banana bread with cream cheese frosting is the winner so far.  We shall wee by Tuesday night what I get to make – Happy Baking!!

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    • I haven’t! I’m not sure I would know where to start… do you have a link to a recipe of some sort that you recommend?? I’d love to try.


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