Review, Dinner and a Show: A Rocky Horror Pasta Vino

My boyfriend’s aunt is a big playgoer. I am a big Rocky Horror Picture Show fan. So naturally, when she found out that the Sudbury Theatre Centre was putting on a Rocky Horror Picture Show play, she gave me a ticket for my birthday. I was ecstatic obviously.

What’s for Dinner?


We started the night off with a lovely dinner at locally owned Italian restaurant Pasta e Vino.  Pasta e Vino is a quaint little eatery a hop, skip and a jump away from the Sudbury Theatre Centre.  I had never eaten there before so was excited to try something new.  The building itself is in a small house that was turned into a restaurant.  923545_760436907313470_1121628469_nThe inside of the restaurant is well laid out, and the tables are spaced well away from each other so as to avoid unintentionally eavesdropping on other tables’ conversation.  My only thought on the restaurant itself is that it is too brightly lit. While I wasn’t really looking for a romantic, over the moon, stars in your eyes kind of night with my dinner companion, I will say that if I had gone with my boyfriend, I would have liked for the lighting to be a little more… dreamy.  Perhaps lower lighting and more candles would have contributed to the mood a little better.  Another issue I had was actually finding any form of online presence for the restaurant.  They had no website and an outdated Facebook page with incorrect business hours.  I have a big problem with this. I’m that annoying customer who likes to look up the menu to a restaurant before I go. I don’t like surprises. I like to know what my options are and I like to have an idea of what I might like to try. I enjoy doing research on a place before I go. The Facebook page did have a picture of the menu, but I had to zoom in substantially to see the options and I wasn’t able to read the descriptions.  Since most of the menu items were in Italian and my Italian is a little rusty (and by rusty I mean I don’t speak it at all) I could only make out the more obvious items.  I also think that an online menu is so important now because of dietary restrictions and health concerns.  My dinner companion doesn’t have kidneys, and because she is a dialysis patient, she is limited to what she can order. It would have been nice for her to have access to a menu beforehand.

The service was really great, and our waitress was really friendly and helpful.  When ordering entrees rather than pasta dishes, the menu specifies no substitutions, however they do allow you to substitute the roasted potatoes and vegetables for a half order of pasta, it’s just a little more expensive. I decided to go with that option, and order Veal Marsala with a half order of Rigatoni alla Burina, which was rigatoni noodles in a white sauce with broccoli, bacon, hot peppers and garlic. The meal was nice and hot when I got it, which for some reason is not always the case when I order a pasta dish, and it tasted amazing. All their specialty pastas (i.e., tortellini, ravioli) are actually made in restaurant. The veal was very tender and the pasta dish was nice and creamy without feeling too heavy. Because of this, I had room for dessert.

The dessert menu was limited, but my eyes spotted cheese cake and I immediately ordered it. Unfortunately, they didn’t have cheesecake that night which was a little disappointing. However, they did offer me an off-the-menu dessert item, ice cream wrapped in a crepe and drizzled with strawberry and raspberry sauce.  I’ve had a similar dessert before at a wedding, so I was excited for a warm crepe stuffed with cold ice cream. Unfortunately, the desserts while likely made at the restaurant, are done beforehand, and instead of a warm crepe I got an ice cold, extremely hard crepe-wrapped ice cream tube.  The dessert still tasted great, but I was expecting a different texture so was a little disappointed.  Despite this, we had a good experience at Pasta e Vino and I would be very happy to go back.

Come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab.


25 SEP TO 18 OCT 2014


Theatre has always been exciting to me, ever since I was a kid and saw The Lion King in Toronto. It’s much more interesting than going to a movie, and feels like such a special occasion.  I’ve been a Rocky Horror fan since I was a kid. My parents loved the movie and let me watch it when I was possibly too young to get what was really going on, but I just loved the singing and bright colours. See the STC description of the play below:

 “A comic musical salute to B Horror Movies, The Rocky Horror Show is one of the most popular musicals of all time. One dark and stormy night, the newly engaged Brad and Janet find themselves in the castle of Doctor Frank N. Furter who believes he has discovered the secret of life. Will the muscular science experiment Rocky Horror live forever? Are Brad and Janet’s lives in danger? Let’s do the Time Warp again!”


The play was very true to the movie – from the fishnets to the transvestite main character, the musical performances were phenomenal and the acting was incredible.  The only character that was a little off from the movie was Rocky, who has more of a Frankenstein monster personality in the movie, whereas in the play he speaks more adding a little more comic relief, and I thought it was well done. The actors did very well in portraying their characters.  Special shoutout to David Lopez who played Frank N. Furter, and Joseph O’Toole who played one of the Phantom Characters. Their performances were amazing and to me they really took the play to the next level.  I can’t believe how great of an experience it was to see this play, and I would absolutely go see it again. The play runs until October 18, 2014, so make sure you get your tickets soon!

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