About Me

1098185_10151940976733277_572478669_nHi there, and welcome to my making, baking and DIY blog.  My name is Kelsey, and I love anything and everything made at home or from scratch. I have always been a crafty kind of person, and once I discovered Pinterest, I realized I had a passion for making fun and extraordinary things. I love experimenting in the kitchen and have starting dabbling in the world of cosplay and costume making. I LOVE videos games. More than anything. And whenever I have spare time you will likely find a controller in my hands.

In late 2012 I got a sudden itch to start baking, and since I have always been more of a cook than a baker, I thought starting a blog to journal my adventures and mishaps would be fun.  What started off as a baking experiment has developed into a passion of cookies, dessert bars, fondant and icing, and I am continuing to explore, moving into the world of homemade breads, tortillas, muffins and pastries.  I love sprinkles, colourful icing and fruit filled muffins.  I think homemade bread is the most fantastic smell in the entire world.  I cannot make a batch of icing, even with my bright red KitchenAid stand mixer, without my kitchen looking like an icing sugar bomb went off in the middle of a cookie war zone.  I think that every recipe should have chocolate in it.  Chocolate peanut butter is the best flavor in the whole wide world.  Chocolate mint is awful and should be outlawed.  I am currently working on my Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Administration. I love polka dots, pearls, and everything pink, liquid liner, Harry Potter, Pokémon, RPGs, FPS games, and patterned tights.  I’d rather not wear pants.  Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year.  Starting in October, I have Christmas brain and start planning, making, buying and baking as early as possible.  I think everyone is a dessert person and if you say otherwise I’ll assume you are a liar.  I want to have an additive and preservative free home, which is why I try my absolute hardest to buy organic, read food labels, and make everything from scratch in my tiny apartment kitchen.


I caught my first ever fish (3 fish actually) last summer.  I live in Northern Ontario, Canada, meaning our winters are long, snowy and really cold, and our summers are short, grumpy and not so hot.  I think cats are hilarious, especially when they are wearing people clothes.  My boyfriend Ken is my partner in crime, my other half and I love him to death.  He is also my certified taste tester for every single recipe I try.


So, now that you know who I am and what I’m about, follow along with my adventures to see all the fun and fantastic DIYs, desserts and other creations that I will be making and baking!  Smiles!

One thought on “About Me

  1. Kelsey, when you were very, very young, I would get you to help me make cookies at home in Worthington. We did it a lot you were very good then also, LOL I miss those days and I miss you deeply. Love you chicky-poo..


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