Fondant Flower Blossoms with Sugar Pearls

These fondant flowers are incredibly simple to make and will make any cupcake or cake look adorable!

What you’ll need:

  • Fondant in the colour of your choice (Approximately 6 oz for colour one and 2 oz for colour two)
  • The small and medium Wilton blossom cutters
  • Sugar pearls
  • A roll and cut mat
  • 9 inch fondant roller
  • Gum paste adhesive (made with 1/4 cup of water and a small amount of gum paste, cut into small pieces and dissolved in the water)
  • Practice board
  • Thin foam
  • Ball tool
  • Small flower forming cups


1. Roll out colour one on a lightly dusted roll and cut mat to approximately 1/16 thick (using the purple guide rings).  Cut out 8 to 12 blossoms using the Wilton blossom cutters.  Set all aside under a practice board sheet so the shapes stay moist.  Do the same with colour two, using the small Wilton blossom cutter.


2. Place the blossom cut out on a lightly dusted thin foam, and using the ball tool, slide the ball tool around the edge of each petal.  Keep the tool to the end of the petal, and holding the tool like a pencil and in a circular motion, work inwards towards the petal center.  This will “soften” the petal, making it less cartoon like and more like a real flower.



3.  Once each petal of the blossom has been softened, take the smaller fondant blossom cutout of a different colour, and using a small amount of gum paste adhesive, glue it to the center of the larger blossom.  Place the blossom in the small flower forming cup.  This will help form the petals inward.


4.  Once the flower has hardened slightly, remove it from the flower forming cup and place it on a firm, flat surface to dry.  Place a small amount of gum glue adhesive in the center of the small blossom to secure a sugar pearl in place.



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