Gum Paste Daisy

What you’ll need:

  • White gum paste and yellow gum paste (or any colour really, I did white daisies with yellow centers, as well as yello daisies with black centers)
  • Practice board
  • 9 inch fondant roller with pink guide rings
  • Roll and cut mat
  • Thin shaping foam
  • Veining tool
  • Yellow coloured sugar (for white and yellow daisies)
  • Large mum cutter
  • Gum glue adhesive
  • Large flower forming cup

1. Roll out a small amount of gum paste on a lightly dusted roll and cut mat.  This colour will be the daisy petal coulour.  Roll the gum paste out to less than 1/16 inch thick (to do this you will use your pink guide rings to roll out your fondant, once evenly rolled remove the rings and continue to roll it out).  Cut two daisy shapes per flower using the large Wilton Mum Cutter.  Place all your extra daisy shapes underneath your practice board flap.




2. Place one daisy shape on a lightly dusted thin foam.  Pull the small end of a veining tool down the center of each petal beginning at the point and working toward the center of the daisy shape.  Repeat with second daisy shape.



3.  Brush the center of one shape with adhesive and attach the second shape on the top of the first so that the petals are positioned in-between the petals of the first shape.  Place on large flower forming cup.


4. Roll a small pea-sized piece of gum paste for your daisy center into a ball and then flatten it.  For the yellow centers, dip the flattened ball into adhesive and then into yellow covered sugar.  You can do this by sticking a toothpick in the ball or your veining tool.  Attach the flower center to the middle of the daisy using the adhesive.  For flat daisies you can skip the flower forming cup. Let it dry before adding to any cakes or cupcakes.




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